2.A.II & 3.B.I PCMH/Cardio

Chair: Robert Crupi, MD      Co-Chair: Maria D’urso, RN,MSN

Project Objectives

2.a.ii Increase Certification of Primary Care Practitioners with PCMH Certification and/or Advanced Primary Care Models (as developed under the New York State Health Innovation Plan)

3.b.i To ensure clinical practices in the community and ambulatory care setting use evidence based strategies to improve management of cardiovascular disease.


Please remember PCMH/Cardio Actively Engaged Patient Reporting Templates are due monthly.


  • NYP Queens PPS has met their committed speed and scale for the 2.A.ii PCMH project. 44 primary care providers are 2014 Level 3 PCMH Certified.
  • NYP Queens is collaborating with Elmcor Youth and Adult Activates to train primary care partners on the importance of integrating behavioral health into the primary care setting. Please contact the PMO for more information.

Committee Meeting Materials

PCMH/Cardio Documents

Cardio Best Practices