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Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Medicine
Rehabilitation Medicine

Rehabilitation Services from Head to Toe, Based on the Latest Advances

NewYork-Presbyterian's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine offers a broad range of approaches to maximize function, independence, and quality of life for the people we help. Our services range from physical and occupational therapy for musculoskeletal injuries and diseases to intensive rehabilitation techniques for victims of stroke, burns, severe trauma, and heart and lung diseases, among others.

Through our close relationships with healthcare teams in both the Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine, we have built an outstanding staff of rehabilitation medicine physicians and therapists. Our growing research program is designed to identify and develop more effective rehabilitation medicine techniques to improve the lives of our patients as well as those around the world.

Our Specialties

Our Team

We put together a team of specialists to meet your needs, customizing your care to give you the greatest chance of a smooth and efficient recovery. Our team includes rehabilitation medicine physicians (physiatrists) who work with physical, occupational, speech/swallowing, and recreation therapists. Together they have the education, formal training, skills, and understanding to tailor recovery plans for each of our patients. 

Our Approach to Care

Your rehabilitation program is directed by a physiatrist — a physician with specialized training in physical medicine and rehabilitation. Your physiatrist's care plan is carried out by a team that may include physical, occupational, speech, and/or recreation therapists as needed. These therapists provide critical services to patients on NewYork-Presbyterian's inpatient rehabilitation units, as well as at the bedside for patients hospitalized on other services such as medicine, neurology, and surgery. We also offer outpatient specialty programs for adults and children with neurologic, orthopedic, heart and lung, vestibular (balance and movement), and other disorders.

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