Dedicated Spine Care from Two Ivy League Schools

Och Spine at NewYork-Presbyterian is backed by world-class Columbia and Weill Cornell physicians, including many of the world’s top orthopedic and neurosurgical spine surgeons. They stand side by side with some of the leading specialists in spine care. Our specialists treat children and adults with spine problems, ranging from the simple to the complex. Och Spine surgeons treat more patients than any other hospital in New York City*.

Och Spine specialists see patients at several locations throughout the New York, New Jersey and Westchester areas.

*SPARCS 2019

Our Specialties

Integrated Specialty Spine Care from one of the top Hospitals in the nation.

Our multidisciplinary team includes orthopedic and neurosurgical surgeons, neurologists, physicians, pain management specialists, radiologists, physical and occupational therapists, highly advanced intensivist and hospitalists. Together, they work to create a customized care plan for each unique spine problem

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NewYork-Presbyterian Och Spine doctors with patient
Advanced Spinal Imaging

Advanced Spinal Imaging

Our spine specialists and dedicated clinical team, use advanced imaging capabilities to perform a host of nonsurgical and surgical treatments with greater precision.

Treatment Without Surgery

Many disorders of the neck and back can be treated without an operation. During your evaluation, we determine if nonsurgical treatment could be an effective option for you before resorting to surgery.

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Treatment Without Surgery
Specialized Spine Surgery

Specialized Spine Surgery

Our internationally renowned orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons use minimally invasive techniques wherever appropriate, and also perform the most complex spinal reconstructions—all with extraordinary precision.

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