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Virtual Visitation Guidelines

Patients and families may use their personal cell phones and portable electronic devices, such as iPhones, iPads, laptops and other approved tablets to stay connected while at NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital and any of its regional hospital locations (“NYP”). NYP is also proud to offer tablets and laptops to admitted patients, or to arrange Zoom and audio calls upon request, to facilitate virtual visits. At the conclusion of the patient’s stay, NYP will collect any loaned devices to sanitize and recirculate for other patients’ use and enjoyment.

The use of all portable electronic devices are subject to the following restrictions:

Anyone using an electronic device on NYP grounds must keep the device trained on themselves (or the patient they are visiting, provided that the patient has expressly consented to the use of the device) and must control the volume of the device.

Due to federal and state privacy restrictions, patients/visitors using electronic devices are prohibited from recording and/or streaming sounds, video or images of NYP staff, other patients or visitors while on hospital grounds.

Portable electronic devices cannot be mounted, stacked or positioned in the room as part of the recording or streaming process.

Portable electronic devices are to be used for direct communication only. NYP does not authorize surveillance of patients or continuous streaming of patient rooms, unless expressly prescribed by an NYP doctor as part of NYP patient care.

Portable electronic devices may only be used by patients and visitors during visiting hours for the unit in which the patient has been admitted and must be off during patient care and quiet times.

At any time, NYP staff may request that patients and visitors discontinue the use of electronic devices on NYP grounds.

NYP reserves the right to ban non-conforming electronic devices from its grounds. If a patient or a visitor is found to be (a) in possession of a nonconforming device or (b) using a device in a manner that does not conform to federal and state privacy regulations or NYP’s own policies, NYP reserves the right to take possession of the device in order to make arrangements to return the device to the owner or an authorized representative to remove from NYP grounds.

NYP complies with applicable federal civil rights laws and encourages its patients and visitors to participate responsibly in its virtual visitation program. While some restrictions to visitation, including virtual visitation, may be necessary for the health, privacy and safety of our patients, NYP does not discriminate or exclude people from participating in virtual visitation because of their race, color, national origin, age, disability, religion, or sex (including pregnancy, sexual orientation and gender identity).