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Ambulatory Care Network

Improving the health and quality of life for New York City's communities


A Commitment to Community Health Care

NewYork-Presbyterian has long worked to enhance the health of individuals in our neighboring communities. The Division of Community and Population Health provides compassionate and culturally sensitive clinical services to families and individuals through its Ambulatory Care Network in Manhattan, which includes:

  • Primary care sites
  • School-based health centers
  • Mental health school-based programs
  • Specialty practices

We offer a broad range of services to the people we serve, who represent various nationalities, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. The Ambulatory Care Network makes it easier for patients of all ages to access high-quality, affordable, friendly outpatient care in their neighborhoods. We are committed to improving their physical, behavioral, and social health and well-being to achieve healthcare equity for all.

Community Programs

As one of the largest academic medical centers in the country, we leverage our patient care, research, and educational resources to address local health inequities. We have united with a team of equally committed community collaborators for over three decades to bolster and continually support vital population health initiatives.

Our community and population health programs focus heavily on screening, patient navigation, and connection to care and are designed to benefit our communities through five domains of health:

  • Maternal and child health care
  • Youth development
  • Chronic disease prevention and management
  • Behavioral and mental health
  • Sexual and reproductive health

Reducing Health Inequities

Our ultimate goal is to reduce and ultimately erase health disparities by linking our neighbors with the world's best healthcare services. We work to accomplish this through initiatives that:

  • Empower individuals and families to promote health and wellness
  • Help people better navigate local systems of care and local resources
  • Improve school readiness and academic achievement
  • Enhance the quality of life for our community

Primary Care

With family medicine doctors, internists, and pediatricians at more than 15 practices throughout Manhattan, our primary care practices heal, counsel, and monitor the health of patients of all ages.

Specialty Care

Our specialists offer top quality care for diseases areas in cardiology, psychiatry, addiction, family planning, and HIV treatment.

Community Programs and Services

We partner with community-based organizations to create programs aimed at improving healthcare outcomes and increasing access to community members.

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