For Vendors

COVID-19 Notice

Given the heightened concerns related to the spread of COVID-19, we are asking that ONLY supplier representatives whose presence is required for the effective care of our patients plan to visit any NYP Hospital sites in NYC or Westchester. We are asking that you NOT schedule routine sales calls or visits to our hospitals during this time.

If you have any questions or concerns about this request, please feel free to contact [email protected]. As this dynamic situation changes, we will continue to update you.

Visiting NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital

If you are a HCIR (Health Care Industry Representative) who will be visiting NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, you need to maintain a current membership with our third-party credentialing partner, Green Security. This is a requirement for conducting business with or at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

You are a HCIR if you visit NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital for the purpose of doing business with the hospital or on hospital property. Examples of HCIRs include, but are not limited to: salespersons, service technicians, clinical trial monitors, consultants, educators, onsite service providers, contract workers, and language service providers.

Effective January 1st, 2024, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is live with Green Security. Symplr will continue operations and phase out on March 1st, 2024. Vendors can continue to create appointments with Symplr for on-site visits as we transition to Green Security. After March 1st, Green Security will be the only accepted vendor credentialing platform. All NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital approvers will be able to utilize single-sign on with Green Security by March 1, 2024.

For further information or to register, please visit the Green Security website: https://www.greensecurityllc.com/.

If you are a vendor visiting any NYP affiliated campus less than 12 times a year, please follow the Vendor Pass process. Vendor Pass is a NYP developed web application to replace HCIR attestation forms. To get started, the requesting NYP/CU/WC employee must submit a Vendor Pass on behalf of vendor visitor prior to visit here: https://vendorpass.nyp.org/login

If you have questions regarding the HCIR credentialing process at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, please e-mail the HCIR credentialing administration: [email protected]

For compliance questions or to report a potential violation of laws, regulation or NYP policies, please contact the Office of Corporate Compliance at 212-746-1644, or the Compliance Helpline 1-888-308-4435, or the Helpline Web-based Tool.

Contact NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital's Procurement & Strategic Sourcing Department

If you are a supplier, and would like to reach the hospitals' Procurement & Strategic Sourcing department, please send a detailed inquiry to [email protected].