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Why Choose Us

Health Care at Your Fingertips

With Video Visits, you can save time by skipping the trip to the doctor's office and video conference with your NewYork-Presbyterian provider instead. It is a secure, quick, and convenient way to connect with your doctor and other members of your care team. Video Visits can be accessed via the NYP Connect app or through the Connect Patient Portal, depending on your provider. Ask your doctor if they offer this convenient service and if it may be appropriate for your care.

Our Approach to Care

Advanced Patient Portals Bring Care to Your Home

For a successful Video Visit, you must have an internet or Wi-Fi connection and be in a private, well-lit room.

If you are a patient of:

  • NYP Allen Hospital
  • NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital (including Brooklyn Medical Group)
  • NYP Hudson Valley Hospital (including Hudson Valley Medical Group)
  • NYP Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital) (including Westchester Medical Group)
  • NYP Lower Manhattan Hospital
  • NYP Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital
  • NYP Queens (including Queens Medical Group)
  • NYP Columbia Ambulatory Care Network
  • NYP/Columbia University Irving Medical Center
  • NYP Weill Cornell Ambulatory Care Network
  • NYP/Weill Cornell Medical Center

You will log in to Connect, our patient portal, for your appointment ( Your doctor’s office will provide you with additional instructions on how to successfully create an account and prepare for your appointment before your scheduled Video Visit.

For any technical issues or questions regarding Connect accounts, please call 646-962-4200. Support is available Monday through Friday between 9am and 5pm.

Download the desktop instruction guides here Descargar instrucciones aquí (Desktop)

Download the mobile and tablet instruction guides here Descargar instrucciones aquí (Mobile)

Download instructions on creating a Connect account here Descargar instrucciones aquí (Connect Account)


What You Need to Know About Video Visits

  • Video Visit services include but are not limited to:
    Follow up appointments, new patient visits, connecting with ob/gyn specialists, mental health check-ins, and presurgical/postoperative visits
  • Cost & Insurance Options
    Telemedicine services for adults and children are now covered by many insurance providers. You can contact your doctor’s office to determine if Video Visits are covered under your insurance plan, or reach out to your insurance provider directly with any questions you may have.
    For accepted plans, we collect your out-of-pocket responsibility for a Video Visit and bill your insurance for the remaining balance in the same way we would for an office visit.
  • Technology Required
    Video Visits can be conducted using either an Android or iOS (Apple) device with the appropriate apps installed as instructed by your care team. You may also use a desktop or laptop device that has a webcam if preferred

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