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Whether it’s performing the most organ transplants in the nation, being the first institution to use augmented reality for minimally invasive spine surgery, or driving innovation in heart valve replacement with TAVR – our world-class doctors from Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine remain at the forefront of medicine, helping shape the future of expert patient care.

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One Hospital, Two Schools

With Columbia and Weill Cornell Medicine as part of the NewYork-Presbyterian hospital system, we are world leaders when it comes to advancing science and clinical research. Read more about the studies we currently have underway.

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Featured articles

Advances in Rehabilitation Medicine

Novel Approaches Promote Progress in Stroke Rehabilitation

Physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital present recent updates on novel devices to improve recovery for patients living with the aftereffects of stroke.

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Advances in Neurology

Applying Focused Ultrasound to Facilitate Drug Delivery to the Brain

Dr. Michael G. Kaplitt has pioneered the use of high-frequency focused ultrasound (FUS) to traverse the blood-brain barrier for the treatment of tremors.

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Latest research and innovations

concept digital illustration of cancer cells
Advances in Oncology

From COVID Screening to Cancer Outcomes: Scientific Investigations Address COVID-19 and Cancer

Oncologists and other specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital continue to contribute their expertise and resources to scientific investigations of COVID-19 and its implications for oncology care.

CMR image of inflamed cardiac muscle (myocarditis)
Advances in Cardiology

Cardio-Oncology: Staying Ahead of Cancer Care and Its Cardiovascular Consequences

In the rapidly evolving field of cardio-oncology, NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital is making its mark with dedicated programs led by cardiology faculty at Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians and Surgeons and Weill Cornell Medicine.

image of Dr. Christopher S. Ahmad observing a baseball game from the side
Advances in Orthopedics

Columbia Orthopedics: Leading the Field in Sports Medicine

Our sports medicine physicians, many of whom have been competitive athletes, have a distinguished record of returning players to their sport in optimal form.