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How Marijuana Use Can Impact Your Health

With more people using marijuana, experts explain how cannabis is prescribed medically and the potential risks of recreational use. Read more

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What to Expect as a Living Organ Donor

More than 100,000 people in the U.S. are waiting for an organ transplant. Learn how becoming a living donor can make a big impact. Read more

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Social Media Spotlight

How to Avoid Sunday Scaries

Do you experience anxiety and a sense of dread on Sundays as you think about the week ahead? Psychiatrist Dr. Nicholas Genova helps you reclaim your peace of mind. Read more on Instagram

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A Guide to Skincare at Every Age

A dermatologist breaks down the dos and don’ts of skincare as you age. Read more
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What to Know


steps a day is all women over age 60 need to reduce their risk of heart failure. Learn how modest activity can go a long way.

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When to Worry About Your Blood Pressure

A cardiologist shares the basics of blood pressure and cholesterol, how to manage both, and the importance of exercise and diet in relation to heart health.
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