Pediatric Services


Child & Adolescent Health

General Pediatric Care for the Whole Child

Experts in child and adolescent health at NewYork-Presbyterian provide a wide range of primary care and specialty care for children, preteens, and adolescents, including dedicated programs for those ages 10 to 20 years of age. We understand how your child's physical and mental health care needs changes he or she reaches puberty and grows into adulthood. Our specialists provide comprehensive care that not only focuses on the medical needs of young people, but also encompasses a keen understanding of the issues that can affect their emotional health.

  • Pediatric Primary Care: We provide both preventive care and care of the sick child. We offer regular checkups, treatment of illnesses, routine vaccinations, and screening tests. We refer children who need additional care to our specialists who can meet their medical needs.
  • Early Intervention Programs: What happens during the early years of your child's life is very important to his or her later health and well-being. Our Early Intervention Programs provide evaluations, treatment, and referrals for the full range of developmental difficulties, such as delays in motor and language development, hyperactivity-attention deficit disorder, autistic disorders, cerebral palsy, failure-to-thrive, temper tantrums, and behavioral disorders. We are an approved evaluation center for the New York State Early Intervention Program.
  • Comprehensive Adolescent Health Services: Our adolescent medicine specialists provide primary care and family planning services, including pregnancy testing and screening and treatment for sexually transmitted diseases. Physical examinations focus on concerns prevalent among teenagers. Our physicians also conduct gynecological examinations and contraceptive counseling, showing particular sensitivity and understanding to young patients on their first visit. Confidential HIV testing and counseling are also available.
  • Care in the Community: We offer outpatient health care for children and adolescents at a number of locations in the communities we serve, including school-based clinics and NewYork-Presbyterian's Ambulatory Care Network. Our community health programs include preventive care, primary care, and special programs promoting literacy, child advocacy, and youth development, among other services.
  • Specialized Pediatric Mental Health Care: NewYork-Presbyterian offers a comprehensive mental health program for children and adolescents, offering depression and anxiety screening and referral for treatment. Our patients benefit greatly from the close interaction between pediatricians, nurses, social workers, and child and adolescent mental health professionals, ensuring a holistic approach to their needs. Our staff is culturally sensitive, incorporating the values and beliefs of our patients when providing care.
  • A Focus on a Healthy Weight: NewYork-Presbyterian offers special programs to help children and adolescents achieve and maintain a healthy weight now, while they are young. Our goal is to get them on the path to a healthy lifestyle, reducing their risk of the complications that can develop in children who are overweight. Our centers are also among the handful of U.S. centers approved to offer weight loss surgery to obese adolescents.
  • Special Care for Special Needs: Our doctors, nurses, and social workers care for children and adolescents with special medical needs, coordinating all aspects of their care in a supportive environment — including referrals to specialists and arrangements for medical equipment.