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When your child comes to any of NewYork-Presbyterian’s pediatric emergency care locations, our teams of professionals — all highly trained in pediatric emergency medicine — are ready to help. We provide pediatric emergency and trauma care — from common illnesses and injuries to the most complex — to tens of thousands of infants, children, and adolescents each year. From the moment your child arrives, our team assesses them and provides fast, high-quality care aligned with their unique needs. We offer the world's most advanced medicine in a comfortable, nurturing setting, and are committed to providing the best experience for you and your child.

NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital is one of only three Level 1 American College of Surgeons designated Pediatric Trauma Centers in New York State that cares solely for children, and the only Level 1 accredited pediatric trauma center in Manhattan. 

NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky Children’s Hospital is a Level 2 Pediatric Trauma Center and is also affiliated with the nationally acclaimed William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

About Our Program

At NewYork-Presbyterian’s three pediatric emergency care locations ̶ NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, NewYork Presbyterian Komansky Children’s Hospital, and NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital – experts in pediatric emergency medicine offer lifesaving treatment to acutely ill and injured children from Manhattan as well as the surrounding boroughs of New York City, lower Westchester County, Long Island, northern New Jersey, and beyond.

Our emergency room facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art medical technology, including a uniquely designed resuscitation area that enables the management and monitoring of the most critically ill or injured child. We also offer guidance and support to parents and other family members during this challenging time.

Our Approach to Care

We provide outstanding emergency care for ill and injured children and young adults, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, in dedicated, child-friendly spaces. In addition to comprehensive emergency medicine services, we offer other specialty services and programs to address children’s unique needs.

Services we offer

Pain and sedation programs - At NewYork-Presbyterian, reducing pain and distress in children is a priority. In our emergency departments, multidisciplinary teams of child life specialists, nurses, and doctors are dedicated to achieving this goal. We focus on providing prompt pain relief that is tailored for each child. We have a well-developed program to reduce the pain and anxiety of painful procedures using both non-pharmacological and pharmacological strategies. 

These programs include child life specialists who work one-on-one with our patients using specialized techniques and strategies; topical anesthetics to numb the skin before laceration repairs or needle sticks; and intranasal medications (pain medications that are sprayed in the nose and do not require an intravenous line or needle). When needed, our teams can also provide sedation to children requiring an otherwise painful procedure. 

Injury Prevention: NewYork-Presbyterian/Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital is a member of the Injury Free Coalition for Kids (IFCK). IFCK is a hospital based, community driven injury prevention program that focuses on reducing injuries to children. Learn more about upcoming programs and events.

Burn services - At the nationally acclaimed William Randolph Hearst Burn Center at NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, our expert team provides the highest level of medical care and has earned a reputation as one of the most compassionate burn centers in the world. Through our unique services and support, we help children and families cope with a burn injury to speed healing and return to normal life. 

Virtual urgent care - For non-life threatening illnesses or injuries, NewYork-Presbyterian offers virtual urgent care to connect you with a board-certified Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician or acute care pediatrician. Virtual urgent care provides real-time access to a doctor via video chat with a smartphone, tablet, or computer seven days a week, from 8 am to midnight for pediatrics.

Innovative programs for pediatric care - At NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley, our pediatric emergency medicine team has implemented a number of innovative programs to improve the care we provide to acutely ill children. These initiatives promote practicing medicine based on the best available evidence and limiting unnecessary testing. These programs include:

  • Timely delivery of pain medications to children with sickle cell crisis and long bone fractures
  • Delivery of antibiotics to immune-compromised children with central lines and fever
  • Stewardship of antibiotic prescribing patterns for children with pneumonia
  • Minimizing unnecessary use of radiography in the diagnosis and management of infants with bronchiolitis 

Holistic and comprehensive care  

At NewYork-Presbyterian, we recognize that every child with an acute medical condition has a unique set of symptoms, circumstances, and needs. We take a holistic approach to care that considers the entire patient, including their physical, emotional, and social factors. We partner with patients and their families in shared decision-making, empowering them with knowledge, support, and the most effective treatment options to achieve the best possible outcome for every child.

Multidisciplinary team approach

Our multidisciplinary emergency care teams include a range of specialists who collaborate to treat complex medical issues. Team members include:

  • Physicians who are board-certified/eligible in pediatric Emergency medicine
  • Physicians who are board certified/eligible in pediatrics
  • Skilled pediatric emergency nurses experienced in caring for young patients
  • Certified child life specialists with emergency care expertise
  • Support staff dedicated to serving children in our pediatric emergency services
  • Multilingual staff committed to improving the emergency care experience

Family-centered care

We believe emergencies impact not only your child, but also your entire family. We promote a "family-centered model" in which we encourage you to participate in decision-making and remain present for your child's medical care. We will keep you and your child informed, guide you through your visit, and facilitate appropriate follow-up.

24/7 patient transfers

The New York Presbyterian transfer center utilizes emergency transport services 24/7 to bring children to our three sites from around the region and into our emergency departments and intensive care units. Physicians who wish to transfer a pediatric patient from another hospital to NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital should call 1-800-NYP-STAT (1-800-697-7828) to reach the Transfer Center. They'll be greeted by a critical care nurse, who will put them in touch with an accepting physician, ensure a clean,f ready bed, and facilitate transportation arrangements if needed.

Why Choose Us

Highest level trauma care 

Our emergency department at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley is one of only three Level 1 Pediatric Trauma Centers in New York State that cares solely for children and the only of its kind in Manhattan. We also have a Level 2 Pediatric Trauma Center and world-renowned regional burn center at NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky. Our staff also includes nurses and healthcare professionals who are specially trained to care for severely injured children.

Expertise in pediatric emergency medicine

Our pediatric emergency departments feature the region's highest number of board-certified physicians in pediatric emergency medicine and pediatrics. Your child also has access to a roster of nationally recognized medical and surgical experts in every pediatric subspecialty area.

Our physicians are leaders, nationally and internationally, in researching, developing, and implementing best practice evidence-based guidelines and utilizing new technologies to improve the care we deliver.

Access to world-class pediatric specialists

Your child's healthcare team has access to all of the various pediatric medical and surgical subspecialists who practice at NewYork-Presbyterian, ensuring that all of your child's medical needs can be addressed. 

Regional services throughout Manhattan

We provide emergency care at the Alexandra & Steven Cohen Children's Emergency Department of NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley in Washington Heights, the Pediatric Emergency Service of NewYork-Presbyterian Komansky on the Upper East Side, and the Pediatric Emergency Service of NewYork-Presbyterian Lower Manhattan Hospital, just south of the Brooklyn Bridge. We serve families from all areas of Manhattan as well as the surrounding boroughs of New York City, lower Westchester County, Long Island, northern New Jersey, and beyond.

Propelling the field of emergency medicine with research

NewYork-Presbyterian is a leader in the field of pediatric emergency medicine and is at the forefront of research and implementation of cutting-edge emergency management and treatment. We are champions in the research of pediatric head injury, sepsis, biomarkers for pediatric urinary tract and blood-borne infections, pediatric pain control and sedation, simulation, and pediatric ultrasound. In addition, we are committed to radiation reduction in diagnosis of pediatric conditions.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley, our emergency department is a lead site for PECARN (Pediatric Emergency Care Applied Research Network), the largest pediatric emergency medicine research collaborative in the country. Several of the pediatric department faculty hold leadership positions in PECARN.

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