Personalized Care for Your Child

Disorders of the urinary tract and genitals are not uncommon among infants, children, and adolescents. In addition to impairing normal function, they can also affect your child's quality of life, self-esteem, and sexuality. NewYork-Presbyterian's pediatric urology specialists understand the impact these disorders can have on your child and your family. We provide the most advanced and minimally invasive treatments for infants and children in a caring and compassionate manner. 

We offer prompt and effective diagnosis and treatment in a family-friendly setting, so your child can go on to live a healthy life. Our team works together to customize a plan of care just for your child. Our patients benefit from:

  • A Team Approach: We bring in any other specialists and subspecialists your child may need — such as nephrologists, oncologists, endocrinologists, and neurologists. The team includes experienced nurse practitioners with specialized training in the care of children with urologic problems.
  • Comprehensive Care at All Ages: We treat the full range of urologic disorders, from birth through age 18, ranging from bed-wetting to complex urinary tract abnormalities. In many cases, we begin working with families before their baby is born, when urologic issues are identified on prenatal ultrasounds. 
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Our surgeons are experts in the use of robotic surgery in children, and our hospitals include the busiest pediatric urologic robotics service in the New York metropolitan area. Our surgeons have pioneered laparoscopic and robotic surgery procedures for bladder and kidney disorders. We take a minimally invasive approach whenever possible.
  • A World-Renowned Reputation: Children come to us from all over the world for our reconstructive surgery expertise and for care that is difficult to find elsewhere. We are also an internationally recognized referral center for the treatment of children with ambiguous genitalia.
  • Advancing the Field: Our doctors also conduct research to advance the understanding and treatment of pediatric urologic disorders.

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