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Social Media


To encourage students to safely and responsibly make use of social media platforms.


  • Heighten students' knowledge of positive use of social media
  • Review the risks of misusing social media platforms
  • Encourage students to apply tips learned in the workshop for a safe social media experience
  • Reinforce the importance of responsible behavior online to limit students' participation in cyberbullying others and offer support to peers who are experiencing cyberbullying


The Real Impact of Social Media workshop is intended to bring awareness to students, caregivers, and school personnel on how to use social media platforms safely and responsibly. The workshop has been created with age-appropriate language for 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade students.

We deliver in-class workshops to help them understand the ways social media can help cope with stress, how it can add stress and the overall risks of using social media irresponsibly. The Real Impact of Social Media also addresses the impacts of cyberbullying and the proper steps to take when a student is being cyberbullied or witnesses cyberbullying.

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