Youth Support through Social Emotional Learning

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Youth Support: Mentorship


To promote social-emotional learning through critical thinking and leadership skills.


  • Develop skills in goal setting and goal attainment
  • Develop and/or increase utilization of emotional regulation and problem-solving skills
  • Develop and/or increase utilization of positive peer/adult relationship behaviors 
  • Develop and/or increase utilization of healthy lifestyle practices, including stress management skills  


We provide 4th & 5th-grade students in our SYDL the opportunity to participate in our mentorship program. The in-school mentorship program is designed to develop and/or enhance youth's interpersonal and social skills. It promotes positive interactions with peers/adults, help-seeking/giving behaviors, and effective problem-solving strategies. While it can take place before, during, or after school, we typically run it during recess, when youth are more likely to engage in problematic, high-risk behavior or face discord.

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