Caregivers and youth activities span from opportunities to experience New York City culture to participating in pro-social after school activities. Our family engagement activities and psycho-educational workshops allow and encourage our youth and their caregivers to explore the larger world and engage in new learning experiences together. These memories provide a feeling of belonging and connection that lasts a lifetime.

Psycho-education is provided to all caregivers in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner on topics related to:

  • Common school-aged mental health disorders, symptoms, treatments and stigma
  • Helping children manage stress in and out of school
  • Bullying awareness and how to address and/or prevent it
  • Healthy lifestyle practices at home aimed to boost youth academic performance & well-being
  • Adult self-care, healthy lifestyle practices, and stress management
  • Referral and linkages to mental health services

Family engagement activities include:

  • Father Child Night Events
  • Yankee Stadium field trips
  • Coogan's 5k Marathon
  • Carnegie Hall Concert
  • In School Family Movie Night

“This program helped my daughter have and achieve her goals and to never say never.” Parent of Student Participant

“Programs like this are good for the structure of our community…most programs like this are for the mothers, the fathers don’t get too much of this.” PS4 Parent at Father-Child Night


Evelyn Montañez, Ph.D. LCSW