Parental Support

Caregivers and youth activities span from opportunities to experience New York City culture to participating in pro-social after school activities. Our family engagement activities and psycho-educational workshops allow and encourage our youth and their caregivers to explore the larger world and engage in new learning experiences together. These memories provide a feeling of belonging and connection that lasts a lifetime.

Psycho-education is provided to all caregivers in a culturally and linguistically appropriate manner on topics related to:

  • Common school-aged mental health disorders, symptoms, treatments and stigma
  • Helping children manage stress in and out of school
  • Bullying awareness and how to address and/or prevent it
  • Healthy lifestyle practices at home aimed to boost youth academic performance & well-being
  • Adult self-care, healthy lifestyle practices, and stress management
  • Referral and linkages to mental health services

Family engagement activities include:

  • Father Child Night Events
  • Yankee Stadium field trips
  • Coogan's 5k Marathon
  • Carnegie Hall Concert
  • In School Family Movie Night


Evelyn Montañez, Ph.D. LCSW
Program Manager