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Turn 2 Us

School Personnel Support

We deliver services to all school personnel (from administrators, school aides to teachers) a series of psycho-educational workshops, grade-specific meetings, 1:1 consultations (as needed) and monthly wellness activities. These services strengthen mental health literacy training and promote adult self-care so staff is better equipped to foster social/emotional development and academic success in our youth.

Trainings include:

  • Common school-aged mental health disorders, symptoms in the classrooms/cafeteria, and available services
  • Referral policies and procedures to improve familiarity and confidence referring students displaying mental health symptoms
  • Trauma-informed classroom strategies to manage behaviors and reduce stress in students
  • Bullying awareness and how to prevent it
  • Healthy lifestyle practices aimed to boost adult performance & well-being
  • De-stigmatizing mental health-related issues


Being a teacher, a mom, a friend, a wife…all the hats that we wear, we’re speeding through life and I learned to slow down and to make each moment count.
-PS4 Classroom Teacher


Child Study Team

What is the Child Study Team?

Typically, schools have a multi-disciplinary team that meets regularly to discuss the needs of students who are experiencing academic, behavioral, and social-emotional challenges commonly referred to as the Child Study Team (CST).

Turn 2 Us supports our school communities’ Child Study Team by:

  • Screening for mental health symptoms and providing mental health referrals and linkages as needed
  • Providing tools to streamline or support policies and procedures related to identifying, referring, and following up with students with mental health needs
  • Increasing linkages between school mental health agencies and families to ensure that identified mental health needs are being met
  • Providing strategies to increase caregivers’ and school personnel’s help-seeking behavior on behalf of students and family members

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