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Program Evaluation and its' Academic Achievement

To ensure the efficacy of the programs’ ability to make a positive impact in the school communities it serves, several program evaluations were initiated and documented. To learn more about the programs’ impact, see below links.

Study # 1: 

Evelyn Montañez, Evelyn Berger-Jenkins, James Rodriguez, Mary McCord, Dodi Meyer, Turn 2 Us: Outcomes of an Urban Elementary School-based Mental Health Promotion and Prevention Program Serving Ethnic Minority Youths, Children & Schools, Volume 37, Issue 2, April 2015, Pages 100–107, https://doi.org/10.1093/cs/cdv004
Link- https://academic.oup.com/cs/article-abstract/37/2/100/452645

Data reports on:

  • Improved classroom/social performance
  • Improved attendance & State exam scores

Further data not yet published includes decreased suspensions and unscheduled guidance counselor visits.

Study #2: 

Raval G, Montanez E, Meyer D, Berger-Jenkins E. School-based mental health promotion and prevention program ˜ ‘‘Turn 2 Us’’ reduces mental health risk behaviors in urban, minority youth. J Sch Health. 2019; DOI: 10.1111/josh.12805In a study currently being submitted for publication (2011-2013) reports indicated:
Link-  https://doi.org/10.1111/josh.12805

Data reports on:

  • Decreased mental health symptoms (i.e., anxiety, disruptive behaviors), especially for those with the highest level of symptoms reported as per a mental health symptom screening measure completed by teachers

Study #3: 

Pending publication. Turn 2 Us: Building Mental Health Literacy of School Personnel in Underserved, Predominantly Latino, Urban Elementary Schools

Preliminary findings of a study (2015-16) examining school personnel’s Mental Health Literacy pre-post intervention shows an increase in:

  • Familiarity with identifying and referring students with mental health needs
  • Knowledge of school-aged mental health disorders
  • Self-efficacy in addressing challenging behaviors in the classrooms
  • A decrease in stigma related to Mental Health-related conditions in youth

Throughout the years, Dr. Montanez has been working towards manualizing the Turn 2 Us program. With the support of the Turn 2 Foundation, we are now commencing the manual publication process. By facilitating a documented approach to developing, implementing, and sustaining school-based mental health promotion programs, we hope to expand our efforts beyond Northern Manhattan.

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