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Youth Support: Healthy Lifestyles and Test-Readiness Skills Building

T2U recognizes the importance of heightening students' awareness of the relationship between healthy lifestyle practices and academic/social performance. From a young age, students are exposed to academic, athletic, or artistic performance assessments (i.e., major tests, sports and arts tryouts, talent shows, school interviews). Providing students at a younger age with the tools to perform well in such stress-related events can strengthen these life skills beyond their education.


To promote healthy lifestyle practices that can lead to optimal performance at school and work.

Our Future Healthcare Practioners, Promoting Healthy Lifestyles


  • Heighten consciousness of healthy lifestyle practices that can boost brain performance, test-taking skills, and well-being
  • Increase engagement in healthy lifestyle practices in and out of school


We provide 3rd to 5th grade students a grade-specific assembly followed by classroom workshops on healthy lifestyle practices that support students learning and overall well-being. The workshops include group activities such as a jeopardy game, reframing exercise, and creating a bookmark listing positive thoughts. The workshops are customized to meet the individual needs of the classrooms to reinforce content. This service is typically delivered no less than six weeks before students take state-mandated exams

Our school data has shown an overall increase in State Exam scores and a decrease in visits to the nurses’ office the morning of State exams.
- Principal of PS8

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