Advanced Surgery

Surgery for Vascular Disease

In more advanced cases of vascular disease, surgery may be necessary to avoid stroke or limb loss. Vascular surgery performed at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital includes a range of procedures to relieve the effects of blocked blood vessels. Conditions we treat include:

Artery Reconstruction Surgery for Lower Extremities

A blockage in a peripheral artery (of the legs, pelvis, or abdomen) may result in foot or leg sores and in leg pain. Eventually, this may lead to the loss of a limb. Blood flow may be restored with a surgical procedure that uses either a synthetic tube or the patient's own veins to "bypass" the blockage, so that blood may reach the extremities.

Surgery for Insufficient Blood Flow in the Legs

The VNUS closure surgical procedure is a minimally invasive treatment alternative for patients with superficial venous reflux, which is a condition by which the veins in the legs don't channel blood flow adequately to the heart. The procedure results in relief of symptoms with minimal scarring.

The closure procedure is an outpatient treatment, which does not require overnight hospitalization. Many patients are able to resume normal activity within a day or two.

Advanced AngioVac System Removes Blood Clots

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital became the first hospital in Brooklyn to use a new, groundbreaking catheterization system for en masse blood clot filtration. The system, called AngioVac, allows Hospital surgeons to "vacuum up" entire blood clots and filter them out of a patient's blood supply.


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