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NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital was one of the first surgical teaching hospitals in the United States. Its Department of Surgery was founded by a pioneer surgeon, Lewis S. Pilcher, M.D., who also founded the Annals of Surgery. Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery at NYP Brooklyn Methodist continues a proud tradition. Just as Dr. Pilcher was an advanced and innovative physician and surgeon in his time, today's NYP Brooklyn Methodist surgeons serve Brooklyn with the most advanced and innovative surgical techniques currently available.

We offer a range of procedures involving surgical techniques that encompass laparoscopy ("key hole surgery"), endoscopy (imaging through small tubes), robotics, and other advanced surgical technologies. Advanced and minimally invasive surgery mean smaller incisions, less pain, less scarring, a shorter hospital stay, and faster recovery. They also offer more surgical options for patients.

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Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery Programs


Medications and heart procedures such as stenting work effectively to keep arteries to the heart from

Comprehensive Hernia Center

NYP Brooklyn Methodist's Comprehensive Hernia Center is dedicate to the care of hernia patients.

General Surgery

NYP Brooklyn Methodist general surgeons evaluate and treat a full range of complex problems.


Our neurosurgeons treat brain and spine disorders.

Hand, Elbow, And Shoulder

To provide an exceptional level of care for patients who are coping with hand, wrist, and arm injuries,


Our doctors use effective and minimally invasive treatments for urologic disorders and cancers.


Top physicians treat abdominal aortic aneurysm, carotid arterial disease, and peripheral artery


Highly trained surgeons perform gastric band surgery, gastric bypass surgery, and sleeve gastroectomy for


NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital offers minimally invasive robotic (Da Vinci System) and laparoscopic

Breast Cancer

Breast conservation therapy has become a treatment of choice for many women. When this less invasive form


Laparoscopic surgery became available during the last decade of the twentieth century with the development


The best physicians and facility for thoracic surgery are in Brooklyn at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital,

Plastic Surgery

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital plastic surgeons are specialists in improving a patients’ quality of life


Other Advanced and Minimally Invasive Surgery Services


Pediatric Surgery

Children whose conditions require surgery receive care from one of the board-certified pediatric surgeons who practice at NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital.