Ovarian Cancer

Cancer of the ovaries can be a very complex malignancy to treat. Unfortunately, many of the presenting symptoms tend to be general in nature and often attributed to other medical conditions. This is one of the reasons why ovarian cancer is usually detected at an advanced stage which makes it more challenging to treat.

The gynecologic oncologists at NYP Queens all have extensive experience in diagnosing and treating this cancer as it is one of the primary conditions they manage.

We also offer patients a well-recognized and established genetic counseling and advanced gynecologic sonography program, offering patients and physicians the opportunity to detect this aggressive cancer earlier and improving the chances of achieving a cure. 

Ovarian Cancer Expertise

Our full-time board-certified gynecologic oncologists work with a team of specialists consisting of radiologists, pathologists, oncology nurses, sonographers, genetic counsellors and other professionals with the experience to treat ovarian cancer. All diagnostic and therapeutic modalities are available and the entire treatment plan can be completed closer to home.

Genetic Counseling and Early Detection

Identification of individuals at risk for ovarian cancer and early detection of abnormalities involving the ovaries offer the best opportunity to prevent and cure this potentially deadly form of cancer.

Genetic tests such as BRCA1 and BRCA2, which can identify high risk patients, are available. In many of these patients preventive surgery to remove the ovaries can reduce the cancer risks. In others, aggressive surveillance using blood tests, sonography and risk reducing nonsurgical options are offered.

Surgery for Ovarian Cancer

Our gynecologic oncologists provide all surgical options for the treatment of ovarian cancer and suspicious pelvic masses, along with lifelong monitoring afterwards.

The use of traditional surgical approaches along with state-of-the-art robotic and laparoscopic surgical techniques are personalized to the needs of each individual patient. As a result, the best surgical option is implemented, resulting in the best therapeutic outcome with the least risk and shortest hospital stay and recuperative period.

Chemotherapy for Ovarian Cancer

Patients with ovarian cancer usually require chemotherapy either before or after surgery. Our gynecologic oncologists provide the latest chemotherapeutic options along with the availability of novel drugs available only on clinical trials.

Our experts devise a personalized treatment plan tailored to the individual patient and administered at our Therapeutic Medicine Center, located closer to home. Therapies are administered with the goal of achieving the maximum response with the fewest side effects.

Support for You and Your Family

As a patient at NYP Queens you have access to extensive resources that will help you and your family treat ovarian cancer. Our team of experts are fully committed to providing the best care available, utilizing all recent advances and providing support from diagnosis to a lifetime of monitoring once the prescribed treatment plan is complete.

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