Cancer Risk Assessment

Advancements in cancer prevention and treatment continue to evolve at a rapid pace. The physicians and dedicated staff at NYP Queens Risk Assessment and Cancer Prevention Program are leading the way with advances that include the use of molecular and genetic evaluation and testing along with ultrasound technologies that increase the range of options for patients.

Our care team consists of professionals from a wide range of medical disciplines who work with cutting-edge technologies. Our team creates a comprehensive personalized prevention and care plan for each patient.

Genetic Counseling and Testing

A genetic counselor is a health professional with specialized graduate education, training, and experience in understanding genetics and guiding at-risk individuals in personally tailored cancer prevention plans.

Genetic testing may help determine if you or your family members are at a higher risk for developing cancer.The tests, along with a full evaluation of family history, help determine who might be positive for a known mutation.

These at-risk individuals are then referred to the appropriate medical specialists, such as breast or colorectal surgeons, dermatologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, pulmonologists, gynecologic oncologists and radiologists, who optimize the prevention and care models.

Diagnostic Imaging

The use of imaging technologies such as mammography, MRI and CT scans to detect, track and treat breast, lung and pancreatic cancer is expanding as advancements are making these diagnostic modalities more effective. 

Enhanced Ultrasound Imaging

Currently, ultrasound is the most effective method for diagnosing ovarian tumors. Our program incorporates enhanced sonography, which has the significant potential to distinguish benign from malignant abnormalities of the ovaries. This important advancement improves the ability to identify complex benign masses from ovarian cancer, thus improving patient care by accelerating referrals to a board-certified gynecologic oncologist.

Support for You and Your Family

As a patient in The Cancer Center you have access to extensive resources that will help you and your family successfully assess cancer risk. Our team of experts are fully committed to providing the best care available, utilizing all recent advances and providing support from diagnosis to a lifetime of monitoring, once the prescribed treatment plan is complete.

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