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The Connect Patient Portal is a simple and secure way to connect with your care team, participate in a video visit, review your medical record, schedule appointments, and much more. Learn more and sign up for Connect here.

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With Video Visits, you can save time by skipping the trip to the doctor’s office and video conference with your NewYork-Presbyterian provider instead. It is a secure, quick, and convenient way to connect with your doctor and other members of your care team.Video Visits can be accessed via the NYP Connect app or through the Connect Patient Portal, depending on your provider. Ask your doctor if they offer this convenient service and if it may be appropriate for your care.

With more than 2,000,000 digital encounters across 80+ services, we are reaching more New Yorkers every day

What is a Video Visit? 

A video appointment with NewYork-Presbyterian allows you to access healthcare using a phone, tablet, or computer to communicate. This technology allows you and your doctor to discuss your health without physically being in the same room. NewYork-Presbyterian offers several kinds of appointments virtually, giving you the most flexibility regarding your care. 

Benefits of a video visit 

Video visits offer many advantages over traditional appointments. While sometimes an in-person visit to your provider is necessary, video visits can often act as the first step in diagnosis or talks about your health. Video visits can allow you to: 

  • Speak with your doctor from the comfort of your own home 
  • Fit in an appointment without allowing for travel time 


You and your doctor can use video visits to discuss your chronic health issues (diabetes, hypertension) and also address dozens of common health concerns. Your provider can offer recommendations for home treatments and over-the-counter medications for allergies, colds, and flu, for example. They can also prescribe medicines for straightforward diagnoses, such as certain infections or gastrointestinal issues.

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  • Message Providers

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  • Schedule primary care appointments

  • Reschedule primary care appointments

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  • Confirm primary care appointments


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  • Receive non-urgent medical advice

  • Explore charity care options

  • Get help with forms and leters

  • Schedule, cancel or recshedule appointments

For any questions or additional support, please call Connect Technical Support at (646) 962-4200.