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Britt Sinha's Story

It was a Friday evening and Britt was facing a classic new-mom dilemma. Her 11-month old son Max had fallen and hit his head on the floor. He then vomited and was sleepy. Was it a concussion? Should she continue to let her son sleep or wake him and go to the emergency room?

Thank goodness for NewYork-Presbyterian Virtual Urgent Care. With just a couple of quick taps in the NYP app, she was connected to a Pediatric Emergency Medicine physician, who advised her to take Max to the NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center Emergency Department. The doctor had already notified the Pediatric ED, so Britt and Max’s visit was quick—and thankfully, uneventful. No concussion, no issues—but a happy Mom who thinks all parents should have the NYP app on their phones just in case.