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Serving the Needs of Mothers & Infants for Over a Century

NewYork-Presbyterian provides high-quality obstetric care for you and your baby during pregnancy, childbirth, and beyond. You can receive all your obstetric care from our experienced maternity teams, which include obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyn) and other experts providing pre-conception counseling, fertility assistance, family planning, prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum support.

NewYork-Presbyterian consistently delivers more babies in New York City and Westchester combined than any other hospital in New York. We are also known for our maternal-fetal medicine programs for pregnant women with complex pregnancies and our top-ranked neonatal intensive care units for newborns needing specialized care.

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An Expert Team for You & Your Newborn

Our team of highly trained obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyn), maternal-fetal medicine specialists (physicians trained in complex pregnancy care), nurses, lactation counselors, social workers, neonatologists (physicians specializing in newborn care), obstetric anesthesiologists, genetic counselors, and others collaborate to care for you and your baby.

NewYork-Presbyterian has the expertise to provide pregnancy and obstetric care for all pregnant women and newborns, including the most complex cases and individuals who become pregnant later in life.

Our approach to care

Obstetric Care Customized to Your Needs & Preferences

At NewYork-Presbyterian, our team of doctors providing pregnancy and maternity care tailor a plan that considers your health, your baby's health, and your preferences. We match you with the services you need to achieve our ultimate goal: a healthy mother and a healthy infant.

Should you or your baby need specialty care, we have it right here. We treat all patients — so no matter what language you speak, what community you call home, or what preexisting condition you may have, we can help you.

Integrative Health & Wellbeing During Pregnancy & Birth

  • The prenatal and perinatal periods are precious and exciting seasons of life, accompanied by significant physical and emotional transitions. They present a unique opportunity to optimize your health and give your baby the very best start.
  • At Integrative Health & Wellbeing at NewYork-Presbyterian, in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine, pregnant women can learn about acupuncture, vitamins, herbs for gestation and infant neurodevelopment, perinatal yoga for stress reduction, mind-body techniques for optimal gestation, birth weight, labor and delivery, and non-pharmacological, holistic alternatives to common pregnancy discomforts.
  • Integrative nutritionists can also educate expectant mothers on evidence-based dietary patterns for optimal maternal and fetal health and postnatal nutrition for mother and child.

Learn more about the Integrative Health & Wellbeing program.


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NewYork-Presbyterian hospitals offer a full range of pregnancy care at convenient locations in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and Westchester. Call or visit the location nearest your home or work to learn more.