Integrative Health & Wellbeing Program

Holistic Care from one of New York's top ranked hospitals

Personalized, Comprehensive Care for Your Mind, Body, & Spirit

At Integrative Health and Wellbeing at NewYork-Presbyterian, in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine, we provide comprehensive care to promote your physical, psychological, and social well-being. We offer an integrative, holistic approach that is based on the latest medical research. Our complementary therapies can help to prevent disease, promote relaxation, reduce stress and anxiety, and relieve symptoms associated with disease or its treatment.

Our services are not in place of the health care your doctor provides, but are in addition to it. We partner with you and your medical providers to help you live a better life for years to come. Find out how you may benefit from services such as:

The choice is yours

We understand that each person's path to health is a different journey. That's why we perform a comprehensive assessment to customize your care to meet your individual needs. We work with you to create and carry out your personalized health plan, in as intensive or as relaxed a pace as you desire. You can visit us as often as twice weekly or less frequently — the choice is yours.

How we can help you

Call us to make an appointment. We are located in the David H. Koch Center, the entrance is located on 69th Street between York and 1st avenues.

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Integrative Health & Wellbeing

NewYork-Presbyterian David H. Koch Center

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