NewYork-Presbyterian provides comprehensive and advanced gynecologic care to meet women's health and wellness needs for every life phase of life.

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Our board-certified obstetrician-gynecologists (ob-gyns) offer gynecologic care ranging from preventive care to addressing health issues concerning birth control, childbirth, and menopause. And because NewYork-Presbyterian is a nationally renowned academic medical center, we provide comprehensive medical care for women, including heart disease, weight management, cancer, breast disease, diabetes, and other hormonal issues.

Whether we’re providing routine care or addressing the most complex health issues, our goal is to partner with each woman in shared decision-making. We empower patients with knowledge, support, and the most effective treatment options for longevity and quality of life.

What is Gynecology?

What is Gynecology

Gynecology is the area of medicine that focuses on the female reproductive system, including the pelvic organs, breasts, and genitals. Gynecologists may also treat conditions that affect the genitourinary systems, such as urinary tract infections and pelvic floor dysfunction. An annual well-woman exam is recommended to maintain good gynecologic health.

Obstetrics vs. gynecology

Most doctors who train to become gynecologists are also qualified to practice in obstetrics, the area of medicine concerned with pregnancy and childbirth. However, some doctors only offer gynecological care. These physicians do not treat pregnant women, but focus instead on well-woman care and conditions relating to the anatomy and organs that make up the reproductive system in women of all ages and stages of life.

Our General Gynecology Program

About our Program

In addition to well-woman care, our physicians provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for a full range of gynecologic conditions, including abnormal vaginal bleeding, cervical disease, congenital abnormalities, cysts, incontinence, pelvic floor problems, and uterine fibroids. Our team also collaborates with our cardiologists, neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, endocrinologists, rehabilitation medicine specialists, surgeons, oncologists, and other specialists to address any health issues that arise.

We offer special programs for women with fibroids, endometriosis or infertility, pelvic pain and adenomyosis, women experiencing menopause. Our services address those seeking help for any aging or sexual health related issues through NewYork-Presbyterian's vast network of resources and services.

Gynecology Conditions we Treat

Conditions we Treat

At NewYork-Presbyterian, we offer comprehensive care for all gynecological issues that affect the reproductive system, including but not limited to those that are specific to pregnancy and childbirth. These conditions include:    

Gynecology Services we Offer

Services we Offer

At NewYork-Presbyterian, our obstetrician-gynecologists are experienced in delivering services across the spectrum of care. These specialists are backed by current research and are committed to partnering with our patients. These services include: 

Family planning and preconception care

  • Conception counseling
  • IUD insertion/removal
  • Prenatal genetic counseling
  • Sexual counseling

Women's Health

  • Well-woman care, including screening, evaluation and counseling, and immunizations based on age and risk factors
  • Adolescents needing gynecologic care
  • Evaluation and management of abnormal Pap smears/HPV infections
  • LEEP (Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure) to treat abnormal cells found during a Pap test
  • Diagnosis and treatment of menstrual disorders, including abnormal bleeding, amenorrhea, and polycystic ovarian syndrome
  • Diagnosis and treatment of fibroids, endometriosis, and cysts
  • Gynecologic oncology (cancer care)
  • Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery
  • Management of menopausal symptoms, using both hormonal and non-hormonal treatment options
  • Sexual counseling

Obstetrical Care

  • Obstetrical care, including prenatal, childbirth, and post-partum care
  • Childbirth and newborn education and classes


  • Genetic screening
  • Mental health screening and services
  • Cognitive screenings 

Special Programs for Women's Health

Special Programs

In addition to comprehensive general gynecologic and obstetrical care, NewYork-Presbyterian offers several special programs. These programs are designed to optimize women's health and address specific conditions and stages of life. They include:

Mid-Life Women's Health Program

This multidisciplinary program focuses on women's needs in mid-life and through menopause. Pioneered by a team of obstetrician-gynecologists, our program now also includes physicians in primary care, cardiology, neurology, endocrinology, integrative health, psychiatry, and weight loss. This program is specific to Weill Cornell.

Women's Heart Health Program

Both NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center and NewYork-Presbyterian & Weill Cornell Medicine offer women's heart health programs to address women's unique cardiovascular needs. These programs seek to identify women at increased risk for heart disease, prevent disease development and progression, and improve women's overall health and social well-being.

Integrated Women's Health Program at NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia provides an Integrated Women's Health Program that delivers care management for a broad range of women's health care services, from routine gynecology to heart health. The program's patient-centered approach involves coordination with Columbia University Irving Medical Center specialists to optimize health outcomes across a woman's lifetime.

Learn more about Women's Heart Health

The Integrative Health and Wellbeing Program at NewYork-Presbyterian & Weill Cornell Medicine

NewYork-Presbyterian, in collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine, offers customized, evidence-based care to patients who may not find relief in a more "typical" medical setting. The program offers acupuncture, mind-body therapies, and relaxation techniques and provides guidance about nutrition, herbal supplements, and plant-based hormones.

Learn more about the Integrative Health and Wellbeing Program

The Columbia Women's Mental Health Program

NewYork-Presbyterian/Columbia offers a comprehensive clinical program developed in collaboration with the Division of Child Psychiatry and the Department of Obstetrics & Gynecology. The program addresses the mental health needs of women across the life cycle, including problems that occur during the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and the post-partum period, and in the course of parenting. Our experts also help women deal with infertility, the loss of the fetus during pregnancy, and later, with the onset of menopause.

Women's Genetics Services

NewYork-Presbyterian offers services to evaluate, educate, and support women, their partners, and their family members who are seeking genetic consultation for a number of reasons. These may include pregnancy planning, infertility, recurrent pregnancy loss, fetal anomalies, prenatal genetic testing, and a family or personal history of breast, ovarian, and other gynecologic cancers.

Learn more about Women's Genetic Testing and Counseling

Why Choose Us

Comprehensive Care for All Your Health & Wellness Needs

Why Choose Us

Unique Multidisciplinary Programs for Fibroids & Endometriosis

At NewYork-Presbyterian, our fibroid treatment programs offer comprehensive, advanced treatment for women with uterine fibroids. Our patients have access to the latest fibroid treatments, including novel therapeutics, hormonal management, myomectomy and hysterectomy, laparoscopic-guided, and incisionless radiofrequency fibroid ablation.

The endometriosis treatment programs at NewYork-Presbyterian help patients navigate the complex issues surrounding this condition. Expert physicians in gynecology, gynecologic surgery, urogynecology, and pain management collaborate to formulate a plan of care tailored to a woman's unique condition, symptoms, and reproductive goals. Using fertility-sparing surgery and multispecialty management with reproductive endocrinologists, we provide superior care throughout the continuum of a woman's reproductive years.

Experts in Minimally Invasive Gynecologic Surgery

NewYork-Presbyterian's gynecologic surgeons have unmatched expertise in minimally invasive gynecologic surgery (MIGS) to treat the most complex and challenging gynecologic conditions. Minimally invasive gynecologic surgery, including laparoscopy, robotic-assisted surgery, and vaginal approaches, offers huge benefits in diagnosing and treating conditions such as pelvic floor disorders, uterine fibroids and endometriosis, especially when fertility preservation is a priority. Compared to "open" surgery, MIGS provides surgeons with superior magnification and enhanced visibility, which results in a more accurate diagnosis and an opportunity for more thorough excisional treatment. Benefits of these less invasive approaches include faster recovery, less pain, less scarring, fewer complications, and shorter hospital stays.

Family Planning Services

We offer a full range of family planning services in a nonjudgmental, caring, and supportive environment. We provide education, access to contraception, and counseling to prevent unplanned pregnancies.

Patient Stories

Amazing Patient Stories

I was fortunate to be connected to Dr. Lewis, who is amazing. He’s excellent at explaining endometriosis. It was critical for me to have someone I can ask questions, and who has seen a lot of these cases and can make good recommendations.

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