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Hip & Knee Reconstruction

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If chronic hip or knee pain is getting in the way of your active lifestyle and affecting your independence, or you have ongoing pain or discomfort after a previous joint replacement surgery, NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester's (formerly Lawrence Hospital) orthopedic surgeons can help. From non-operative management of chronic hip or knee pain, to total joint replacement, our team of specialists is here to help relieve your pain, restore your mobility, and get you back to your active lifestyle.

Comprehensive Care: We can treat all types of hip and knee problems, including arthritis, torn ligaments, torn meniscus, joint dislocation, ruptured tendons, osteonecrosis, and other chronic problems and acute injuries. We'll design a treatment program just for you which meets your needs before, during, and after your surgery.

Minimally Invasive Surgery: We use the least invasive surgical approaches available, whenever possible – including anterior hip replacement, and partial knee replacement – to speed your recovery, and tailor every surgical plan to the specific needs and goals of every patient.

A Commitment to Managing Your Pain: We try to prevent pain before it happens. Our doctors work closely with our anesthesiologists to create a pain medication regimen just for you, taking into account your age, medical history, and potential side effects. The better your pain is controlled, the more you'll be able to do as you begin your recovery.

Rehabilitation to Get Moving: Our physical therapists will help you start moving as soon as it's safe to improve your flexibility and strength after your surgery. Specialists from our rehabilitation team will design a customized regimen of therapy just for you, one that meets your individual needs and puts you on the road to recovery. You can continue your physical therapy at one of our centers or at a center closer to your home. We'll also help you arrange for acute or subacute (nursing home) rehabilitation if needed after you leave the hospital.

Treatments and Procedures

Hip Replacement

The orthopedic specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital) are renowned for their expertise in delivering advanced treatments to relieve hip and knee pain. Every member of your team is dedicated to helping you enjoy pain-free mobility and a return to your normal, everyday activities. 

  • During hip replacement, the surgeon removes the damaged head of your femur (thighbone) and replaces it with a metal stem with a new ball locked on at the top.
  • Damaged cartilage from the surface of the socket in the pelvis (acetabulum) is also removed, and replaced with a plastic-lined metal socket. The ball of the stem fits into the new socket, much like the action of a natural hip joint.
  • Whenever possible, our surgeons utilize minimally invasive surgical techniques and approaches – including anterior approach hip replacement – to minimize post-operative pain and reduce recovery time.
  • We also perform "revision" joint replacements to replace a prior implant that has worn down over time. Our surgeons may perform revision surgery if your joint replacement is painful or not working because the pieces don't fit together well.

Knee Replacement

We offer both total knee replacement as well as partial knee replacement (a less invasive option in which only part of the knee that is damaged is removed and replaced with an implant).

  • Our surgeons begin by removing damaged cartilage and bone at the end of your femur and the top of your tibia (shinbone).
  • They use two metal components to resurface the ends of the bones where the damage was removed.  They then attach these pieces with bone cement — one to your femur and one to your tibia — and place a plastic spacer between the metal components so they can glide smoothly against each other.


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NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital)

Orthopedic Specialty Services