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Orthopedic Specialty Services


Stabilize, Repair, Recover

If you've experienced a broken bone, torn ligament or tendon, damaged cartilage, or other orthopedic trauma, an accurate diagnosis and effective treatment from an experienced team can get you started on the road to recovery faster. Our team of orthopedic trauma specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital) has exceptional experience repairing the full range of musculoskeletal injuries, including sports injuries, recreational injuries, slips and falls, motor vehicle accidents, and occupational injuries. You'll benefit from:

Comprehensive Care:

Our orthopedic specialists treat the full range of orthopedic injuries, from hairline fractures and soft tissue injuries, to serious compound fractures, joint dislocations, and high energy trauma. All of the services you need are in one place, including advanced imaging technologies to diagnose your injury and rehabilitation to help you recover.

Expert Stabilization:

The first step in the treatment of many orthopedic injuries is stabilizing the affected part of the body. Our team uses the latest lightweight materials to cast broken bones. We also offer splints, braces, and other external fixation devices. When surgery is necessary, we can stabilize your injury with implanted pins and/or screws. We know it is critically important to align broken bones as optimally as possible early in your care to maximize your recovery and function, and our team has years of experience dealing with complex trauma.

Expert Pain Management:

Orthopedic injuries can be extremely painful. Our pain management team works quickly to relieve your pain and promote your comfort.

Rehabilitation for Recovery:

If you need rehabilitation after an injury, our team designs customized physical or occupational therapy regimens for every patient. You can continue your therapy at one of our centers or at a center closer to your home. If you require rehabilitation in an acute or subacute (nursing home) facility, we can help you arrange that care too.


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NewYork-Presbyterian Westchester (formerly Lawrence Hospital)

Orthopedic Specialty Services