Children's Health (Pediatrics)

Fit Kids Queens-A Healthy LifeStyle Program For Overweight & Obese Children

Fit Kids offers participants a unique and comprehensive approach to the treatment of childhood obesity. We are a hospital-based healthy lifestyle program that provides exercise opportunities and education in addition to nutrition education and community resources.

Medical Evaluation

This program is for patients who receive primary care from the Theresa Lang Children’s Center. Children will be evaluated by their primary pediatrician and undergo a thorough medical evaluation and screening for complications of childhood obesity such as diabetes, fatty liver, high cholesterol and vitamin D deficiency. Appropriate referrals will be made and facilitated by the pediatrician. After an evaluation and medical clearance, children may begin the exercise and nutrition program. All children will follow up with their pediatrician every three months to monitor progress.

The classes provide children with a safe and non-competitive environment to be active with their peers. Our exercise physiologist teaches exercises that can easily be done at home as well. Comprehensive, age-appropriate nutrition education will be provided along with cooking demonstrations.