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PPS Webinars

The NYP PPS is pleased to host a monthly webinar series on topics that are of interest to the NYP PPS and the larger community as it relates to Medicaid reform. Please find here a listing of webinars that have been hosted to date along with corresponding materials and recordings. If you have suggestions for webinar topics, please e-mail us at

Past Webinars

Behavioral Health & Substance Use

Alternative Tobacco Products: Overview, Regulations and Use in NYC

Introduction to Collaborative Care

Pharmacotherapy for Tobacco Cessation: Practice & Policy

Tobacco Cessation in the NYP PPS: Evidence-Based Approaches for Treating Tobacco Use

Chronic Disease Management

An Overview of Palliative Care

Cultural Competency & Health Literacy

Health Literacy and Teach-Back: Patient-Centered Communication

Maximize Cultural Competency in Care Delivery: An Introduction to Quality Interactions Resource Center (QIRC)

Society, Culture and Race in Clinical Care

Emerging Occupations

The Role of the Community Health Worker

Health Information Technology

An Overview of RHIOs and Healthix

Healthify 101

Population Health Care Models

Value-Based Payment 101 – Behavioral Health Providers

New York State Value-Based Payment (VBP) Roadmap – Behavioral Health Providers

Value-Based Payment 101 – CBOs

New York State Value-Based Payment (VBP) Roadmap - CBOs

Value-Based Payment 101 – Primary Care Providers

New York State Value-Based Payment (VBP) Roadmap - Primary Care Providers

Fundamentals of Pay-for-Performance Measurement

NYP PPS Funds Flow

Patient-Centered Medical Home & Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment Program Alignment

The 5 Ws of DSRIP

Quality Improvement

Welcome to the Era of Patient Experience

Self-Management Support

Fundamentals of Motivational Interviewing

Team-Based Care

An Overview of the Health Home Serving Children

NYC Housing 101