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Headache & Migraine Surgery

What is Headache and Migraine Surgery?

Headache surgery is meant for patients with headaches due to nerve compression. The most appropriate surgical approach is determined from the sites where your headaches are triggered. Not all headache patients are surgical candidates. The ideal candidate has exhausted traditional headache treatments with limited or no success.

Types of Headache and Migraine Surgery

At NewYork-Presbyterian, surgeons may surgically deactivate migraine headache trigger spots. Surgeons will free nerves from around the target tissue and can potentially free patients from reoccurring migraines. The following trigger points may be addressed by headache and migraine surgery

  • Forehead migraines: treated with surgical deactivation by targeting muscles and nerves in the upper eyelid
  • Nasal migraines: surgical deactivation by targeting the septum of sinuses
  • Nummular headaches: this type of headache can originate anywhere on the head. Surgical deactivation targets the small nerves around the head.
  • Occipital migraines: These headaches originate in the back of the neck. Surgical deactivation targets the occipital nerves.
  • Temporal migraines: these migraines originate near the temples. Deactivation surgery may include targeting the upper eyelid or the hairline.

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