Clinical Pastoral Education

Clinical Pastoral Education

Full-Time Residency Program

NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital offers an exceptional yearlong training program. It is an immersive educational experience in which one learns constantly from doing the actual work of chaplaincy and seriously reflecting on those experiences with a peer group and an educator. As a major academic medical center and world-class hospital, the pace at NYP and the acuity level of the patients create an intense environment which is demanding in terms of time, energy and spiritual rigor. It is one of the most exciting places to learn and work in the world. Residents function as professionals who are part of an elite medical team. Our residents, from all religious, racial and ethnic backgrounds, are educated by a dynamic, multi-faith pastoral care team made up of widely respected educators and chaplains. Our graduates are poised to be certified in all the major chaplaincy organizations and are extremely competitive candidates for chaplaincy positions.


Campus Options:

Residents at NYP/Brooklyn Methodist Hospital meet at NYP/Brooklyn Methodist Hospital for seminars as a single peer cohort. Residents at all other campuses meet as a cross-campus peer cohort.

Hours of Work

Residents are members of the Pastoral Care & Education Department staff. Residents work full-time, rotating shifts in the hospital, including frequent weekend shifts. In addition, they work 4 in-hospital overnight on-call shifts each month for overtime pay

Residents complete three full units of ACPE-accredited CPE. Residents are expected to spend ample time, in addition to the shifts mentioned above, preparing their CPE assignments. We strongly encourage residents to avoid having other professional commitments during the Residency Program. There are two inter-unit integration periods when residents work intensively providing pastoral care on their clinical units and take scheduled vacation time.

Important Dates

December 1, 2023 Priority Deadline for 2024-2025 Applications
February 1, 2024 Expected Date for 2024-2025 Admissions Notifications
July 1, 2024 Begin Onboarding Process for 2024-2025 Admitted Residents
August 19, 2024 Begin Orientation for 2024-2025 New Residents
August 16, 2025 End of 2024-2025 Residency Program


Application Process

All applications received prior to the priority deadline are reviewed. (Applications received after the priority deadline will be considered as space allows.)  Qualified applicants are invited for an interview with an admissions committee, either in person or via video-conferencing, and have an opportunity to tour the hospital and meet with Pastoral Care & Education staff members.

To apply to this program, please complete our online application and reference form.

Applicants for the residency program should demonstrate a high commitment to pursuing intensive pastoral care training. Qualified applicants’ materials will demonstrate:

  • An aptitude for the action/reflection model of education
  • Personal maturity
  • Ability, or strong potential, to work as a professional in an academic medical setting
  • Successful completion of the Level I Outcomes of ACPE

Applicants must have successfully completed at least one unit of ACPE-accredited CPE and possess an advanced level of understanding of the CPE process. They ordinarily have already completed their Master's degree in theology or a related pastoral field. They must be able to articulate clearly their professional goals.

Residents are employed by the hospital and therefore must also meet all of NewYork-Presbyterian's standards for employment. This is a separate process from acceptance into the residency program.


$300 non-refundable deposit due upon acceptance to the program. Scholarships are not available for the Residency Program but a payment plan can be established if needed.

Salary & Benefits

The base salary is $46,000. Regular, required overnight shifts add approximately $12,000 additional pay to each resident, depending on the actual number of nights covered. Residents receive medical, dental and all benefits available to NYP employees. Some of the benefits are listed below.

Health: Residents may select medical, dental, and vision health benefits from a wide variety of options. All employees pay a portion of their benefits and may elect different levels of coverage for themselves (and their families). Coverage begins immediately upon employment.

Health Club: Residents may take advantage of participating in reduced-rate health-club memberships at locations around the city or they may pay the employee rate for using the on-site gyms available at some campuses.

Retirement: Residents may elect to participate in the Hospital's 403B plan. Contributions to this plan are pre-tax dollars. The NYP retirement plan is with Prudential. NYP does not contribute to 403B plans, nor does it contribute to pension or any other retirement benefits to anyone employed less than one year.

Parking: If a resident chooses to drive, parking is offered at a reduced rate to all employees, if spaces are available. Payments are deducted automatically on a pre-tax basis.

Time-off: Residents are allowed 4 weeks paid vacation. This time must be negotiated in advance with the Certified Educator and scheduled during the inter-unit integration periods. Residents also receive the nine paid holidays that the hospital allows for employees. Residents are expected to provide coverage during major holiday periods, including overnight on-call. Any holidays worked may be substituted for a different day off that is not a CPE seminar day.

Housing: Residents at Columbia University Irving Medical Center/Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical Center are eligible to apply for housing after they are accepted into the Residency Program. However, we cannot guarantee that the Housing Department will have rental units available and residents may have to make other arrangements. Check with the Housing Department to find out about availability, rental amounts and payment options.

Housing Allowance: The Hospital Finance Department has established a contractual method in accordance with the IRS standards that allows for any ordained clergy to declare a portion of their stipend as housing allowance.