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Patient Stories

Ashley Windle

Ashley Windle

“I wanted to find a hospital that had doctors and midwives, and provided options for birth plans. I also wanted a fully equipped medical center, which is what I ended up needing. I had every medical intervention possible.”

Jacqueline Snyder-Allen

Jacqueline Snyder-Allen

“God put me in the right place, at the right time, under the right care. Thank God for the medical staff; they were tremendous.”

Patricia Anderson

Patricia Anderson

“If they didn't have NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley in the town of Cortlandt, I would have probably gone to the one in Manhattan. But I'm so grateful I didn't have to go, because it's in a country setting … it is so serene … it allowed my treatment to be serene.”

Tony Correa

Tony Correa

“I owe my doctors my life. They gave me a lot of hope. They had so much confidence; confidence that they can attack anything.”