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Patients and Visitors

For Our Surgical Patients

Kindly talk to your doctor about any special steps that you must take before your admission to the hospital or prior to surgery.

If you are having surgery, the evening before your scheduled surgery a nurse will call to tell you where to go and what time you should arrive. It is important that you arrive on time.

The nurse will also tell you when you can no longer eat or drink, and ask you some general health questions. If you have developed any symptoms, particularly respiratory symptoms, such as a cough, sneezing, or runny nose, please notify the nurse during the phone call. You should also let your doctor’s office know.

NewYork-Presbyterian Hudson Valley Hospital offers “OR texting,” an innovation that helps to update family members on the status of their loved ones who are in surgery. At registration, interested patients supply the cell phone number of a family member or caregiver, allowing OR staff to text timely messages at key intervals during a procedure. This connection through texting helps reduce worry or stress.

In addition, family members will be called to see the surgeon when you are out of the operating room. Be assured your family will be updated regarding your status.