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Patient Portal

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Welcome to MyNYP HVH, a feature that allows patients to securely access portions of their electronic medical records, upcoming appointments and other information.


With MyNYP HVH, you can manage your health care, easily, accurately and securely. You can:

  • Access portions of your health records in one place, such as procedures, lab and test results, immunizations, medications and allergies.
  • Check on upcoming medical appointments at the hospital.
  • Download portions of your medical records.
  • Give family members or physicians easy access to your records.

Signing up for MyNYP HVH is easy and secure. Patients who are admitted or come in for a procedure will be signed up for the portal and sent an email inviting them to create an account. Once an account is created, patients are brought to the MyNYP HVH home page for access to records and other information.