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    NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital's Division of Podiatry treats virtually all foot and ankle disorders, including:

    • Foot care for people with diabetes.
    • Ingrown toenails, nail fungus, plantar warts, neuromas (tumor in a nerve cell), and conditions that result from systemic diseases such as diabetes or arthritis.
    • Foot problems originating from orthopedic or biomechanical problems such as flat feet or high arches.
    • Pediatric disorders of the foot or ankle.
    • Sports-related injuries and heel pain.
    • Conditions that require surgery, such as bunions or hammertoe deformities. Surgery is usually done on an outpatient basis in NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital's state-of-the-art Ambulatory Surgery Center.

    The specialist conducts a complete evaluation of a patient's feet and general health during their first visit to the Foot and Ankle Center using X-rays and lab tests when needed. Our podiatrists also schedule diagnostic studies, including MRI and Venous Doppler, if necessary.

    The Foot and Ankle Center provides easy access to NYPBMH's other diagnostic departments. Once a diagnosis is determined, the podiatrist will discuss treatment options. Treatment may include a combination of medication, exercise, physical therapy, orthotics and surgery as a last resort. NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital podiatrists are committed to educating patients on how to care for themselves.

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    The Foot and Ankle Center is open Monday through Friday. To schedule an appointment