Sports Medicine Program

The Sports Medicine Program at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital provides evaluation, diagnosis, and multi-disciplinary treatment options for the full range of sports-related injuries encountered by all ages and types of athletes - from the child who took a tumble over the handlebars, to the weekend warrior, to the professional athlete.

The Sports Medicine Program team is also committed to preventing potential injuries and is dedicated to educating athletes about proper training techniques, developing alternative exercise programs, and regaining strength and mobility through physical therapy to minimize the risks of future injury.Physicians with the Sports Medicine Program are fellowship-trained in sports medicine and treat injuries through a combination of operative and non-operative therapies, including arthroscopic minimally invasive treatment of shoulder, elbow, hip, knee, and ankle injuries, cartilage restoration and repair, rehabilitative medicine, and physical and occupational therapy. We also offer the osteochondral autograft or allograft transplantation (OATS) procedures, which can replace damaged cartilage, relieve pain, and restore function.


For more information about the Sports Medicine Program at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital, please call 718-246-8700.

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