Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery

Our Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery services at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital combine a unique team of specialists, facilities, and medical services to provide comprehensive treatment for orthopedic disorders (disorders of the bones, joints, tendons, ligaments, and nerves).

Many people tolerate pain because they haven't found comprehensive care for orthopedic problems. Because pain in one area can be a sign for a broad range of different orthopedic disorders, it's important to have access to a broad range of specialists and services who are committed to helping people live without pain.

Referrals to our specialists or to other orthopedic programs and services can be made through a patient's primary care physician or through the physician referral service.

Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery Programs

Joint Replacement Surgery

Living with a worn or injured hip or knee can be painful and limiting. For those people with an impaired quality

Knee Surgery

Knees work hard every day. Overuse, injury, weakness, and aging cause problems in these joints

Spine & Arthritis

Back trouble and arthritis are widespread problems, yet most adults find it difficult to get effective treatment.

Back & Neck Pain

The Back and Neck Pain Center is dedicated to providing patients with the best clinical treatment for

Foot & Ankle

NYP Brooklyn Methodist Hospital's Division of Podiatry, based out of the Center, treats virtually all foot and ankle disorders

Hand, Elbow & Shoulder

The surgeons use modern and, when possible, minimally invasive procedures to treat injuries.

Sports Medicine

The Sports Medicine Program provides evaluation, diagnosis and multi-disciplinary treatment options for the full

Pain Management

The Chronic Pain Management Center at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital evaluates and treats patients with

Bone Tumors

An experienced team of specialists at NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital treat a variety of benign and

Other Orthopedic Medicine and Surgery Services

Complimentary Medicine

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital offers a wide range of complementary therapy options for those individuals who prefer non-surgical treatments.


Osteoporosis (decreased bone density) is a silent disease that affects some 20 million men and women each year.

Pediatric Orthopedic Services

Our orthopedic specialists diagnose and treat broken bones, strains, sprains, and many other orthopedic conditions that affect children.

Rehabilitation And Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation therapy helps patients fully recover from an orthopedic injury or illness.