Pharmacy Residency

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital

Pharmacy Residency Program

Frequently Asked Questions

The residency program will begin at the end of June for PGY-1 program and beginning of July for PGY-2 programs.

Each resident is required to staff a total of four days per month every other weekend.

Each resident is required to participate in the on-call rotation throughout the program's year.

Each resident is evaluated by verbal and written feedback throughout each rotation. The resident is provided with a list of goals and objectives for each rotation and completes a self-evaluation on these at the end of each rotation. The preceptor completes a mid-point (verbal) and final evaluation (written) of the resident during the rotation as well. The evaluation forms are developed from ASHP's Residency Learning System (RLS).

On a quarterly basis, the Residency Program Director and Residency Advisor provide the resident with an evaluation of their progress. These evaluations are to discuss the resident's progress, and develop goals and plans for the next quarter.

Each resident will have access to NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital's Library (located across the street from the Hospital). Residents also have access to over hundreds on-line journals through the library. The Micromedex, Lexicomp and Clinical Pharmacology system is available through the Hospital's infonet.

Each resident will have access to the resident's room (where there is a computer for use), given an email address and access to the internet.

Each resident is required to give minimum of two formal presentations to the pharmacy staff. Other presentations may be required as determined by the preceptor, physician or nursing staff.

Each resident will be awarded a residency program certificate upon successful completion of the goals for the program.

The residents will have the opportunity to participate in the teaching certificate program.

The residents will be reimbursed for pharmacy professional organization (i.e., ASHP, NYSCHP) memberships as well as assigned conferences (i.e., ASHP mid-year clinical meeting and residency conferences).

The residents will have the ability to remotely access clinical resources such as the electronic medical record.

Residents need to satisfy all the NYS licensure requirements, however, the Part III examination is offered within the hospital.