Emergency Medical Services

Ambulance Services

NewYork-Presbyterian Emergency Medical Services (NYP-EMS) has more than fifty state-of-the-art ambulance units — including the first mobile stroke treatment unit on the East Coast — serving all five boroughs of New York City, and Westchester, Putnam, and Dutchess counties.

Our fleet includes basic life support, advanced life support, and specialty ambulances providing emergency response and inter-facility transport across our service area, including a mobile emergency rescue van (MERVAN) and a mobile emergency communications center.

Our extensive disaster preparedness capabilities include Hazmat (hazardous material) and biological and chemical decontamination and treatment facilities. To learn more about Emergency Medical Services Special Operations and Disaster Management at NewYork-Presbyterian, please click here.

Non-Critical and Critical Emergencies

Basic Life Support Ambulances. Staffed by New York State–certified emergency medical technicians qualified to provide basic emergency medical care and inter-facility transport.

Advanced Life Support Ambulances. Staffed by New York State–certified paramedics qualified to perform advanced life support and emergency medical care, proficient in the use of manual defibrillators, and experienced in specialized emergency procedures and inter-facility transport.

Critical Care Transports

Specialty Transport Ambulances. Critically ill patients that require transport to or from intensive care and specialty units at NewYork-Presbyterian and other hospitals use the SCTU. Staffed by highly knowledgeable and experienced Critical Care Paramedics, these ambulances bring the ICU to the patient. Our paramedics are trained to assess, stabilize, and manage the care of adult, child and infant patients in the transport environment.

When every second counts in an emergency, the NewYork-Presbyterian Emergency Communications Center is on-line to respond immediately with the highest quality of care and service, 24 hours per day, 365 days a year. With the use of ultramodern communication systems, experienced and certified communication specialists who are highly skilled in assessment, direct communication between the paramedics and the NewYork-Presbyterian physician who will be accepting the patient. Highly sophisticated computerized mapping is used to pinpoint the call location and determine the fastest routes to take. The NewYork-Presbyterian Emergency Communications Center is continually advancing the communication technology and innovation used to respond to your emergency.

Patient Transfer Center

Whether day or night, your call will be answered by the NYP STAT Transfer Nurse Coordinator of your choice, Adult or the newly created Pediatric/Neonatal/OB Transfer Nurse Coordinator, who will gather pertinent information necessary to initiate the hospital-to-hospital patient transfer process.

To arrange for the transport of a patient into the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital call:


Arrange a patient Transport to NewYork-Presbyterian

800-697-7828 800-NYP-STAT


For more information, please visit our patient transport page.