Rehabilitation Medicine Exercise Videos

Upper extremity exercise
Stroke Rehab Exercises
Functional Activity Exercise
Thumbing a Ride
Incentive spirometry
Focused Breathing
Hand strengthening exercise (English)
Hand strengthening exercise (Espanol)
Diaphragmatic breathing
Seated Leg Exercises
Pulmonary Rehab Home Program
Programa de therapia fisicia de pulmonar para la casa
Level 1 Leg Exercises (Beginner)
Level 2 (Middle Level) Leg Exercise in Bed
Level 3 (Advanced) Leg Exercises in Bed
Introduction to Bed and Chair Exercises in the Hospital
Advanced Supine HEP
Bed-level Breathing Techniques and Exercises (Acute Care)
Bed-level Meditative Movements (Acute Care)
Proning Protocol and Guidelines
Seated Breathing Techniques (Acute Care)
Seated Meditative Movements (Acute Care)
Seated HEP Small
Supine Basic HEP
Low-Moderate Intensity Cardiac Rehab Home Program
Post Breast Surgery Exercises