Community Health Initiatives


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Senior Director
Ming-der Chang, Ph.D.

Our Hospital

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens is a proud member of the NewYork-Presbyterian Healthcare System, one of the largest healthcare systems in the country, and an affiliate of the Weill Cornell Medical College of Cornell University.  In 2013, NewYork-Presbyterian Queens admitted close to 33,000 patients, had more than 162,000 outpatient visits, and treated 124,000 people through the emergency department. We offer high quality health care services in almost every specialty area. 

NewYork-Presbyterian Queens has worked hard to build services that are sensitive to the customs, traditions and needs of our diverse community. The hospital has multi-lingual physicians, nurses and other staff who offer real-time language translation services  in more than 100 languages and dialects. We also make considerable use of the Language Line® phone lines as well as our new mobile video interpretation technology.  Beyond language, we offer menus featuring foods popular with Asian patients - it is like a “taste of home” while at our hospital.

Our Services

“To provide linguistically and culturally competent service coupled with quality clinical care that meets the needs of our Chinese community.”

  • We offer assistance in making medical appointments
  • We provide hospitality - meet and greet, provide local newspaper, beverage, etc.
  • We help navigate the patient and family throughout our hospital
  • We assist in communicating with hospital staff
  • We provide emotional support for the patient and family
  • We connect the patient and family to hospital services and programs, such as:
    1. language service
    2. patient advocate
    3. religious and spiritual service
    4. social service (community resources;  i.e. home care, financial support, legal service, child care, domestic violence protection agencies, mental health support, etc.)
  • We help you manage your hospital stay so you can feel more secure and have the comforts of home
  • We collaborate with local health care agencies and providers to deliver quality care for the community
  • We partner with community organizations to promote early detection and prevention by providing health education and screenings







紐約皇后醫院一直都在致力為社區上不同族裔提供合適的醫療服務。醫院有講不同語言的醫生,護士和員工,為病人提供超過一百種語言的即時翻譯服務。同時,我們也為病人提供Language Line®電話翻譯和電話視像翻譯服務。除此之外,我們也為病人提供適合的中國食譜,讓病人在我們醫院也能有家的感覺!



  • 我們協助病人在醫院預約看診時間
  • 我們慰問關懷住院病人,例如提供刊物、飲料等
  • 我們為病人與家屬提供院內指南服務
  • 我們協助病人與醫務人員進行溝通交流
  • 我們為病人與家屬提供心靈上的支援
  • 我們為病人和家屬聯絡醫院各種服務,如
    1. 語言翻譯服務
    2. 病人權益
    3. 宗教信仰服務
    4. 社工服務(連接社區資源,如家   庭護理、經濟補助、法律服務、兒童   保育、家暴輔助、心理健康輔助等)
  • 我們協助病人住院時的需求,讓病人有如在家般的舒適
  • 我們與社區上的醫療機構及醫護人員合作,為社區提供高水準的醫療服務
  • 我們與社區團體合作舉辦健康教育與篩檢活動,以提倡定期檢查與早期預防