Oncology Outcomes Report


2019 Innovations Reports for Oncology

Innovations at a Glance

Oncology 2019 - Lung Cancer Cell
  • Conducting a phase 2 clinical trial for resectable non-small cell lung cancer comparing immunotherapy alone to immunotherapy with radiation therapy in the neoadjuvant setting
  • Tested PTC596, an experimental compound, in combination with gemcitabine in mice with an aggressive pancreatic cancer, extending survival three times longer than with a single standard agent
  • Led a phase 2 clinical trial treating patients with advanced, metastatic esophageal cancer with pembrolizumab, an immune-system boosting drug, resulting in regression of tumors in some patients
Oncology 2019 - Implantable Convection-Enchanced Delivery System
  • Developed a closed implantable convection-enhanced delivery system to facilitate chronic infusion of topotecan with gadolinium to target glioma cells
  • Conducted a study showing how high-fructose corn syrup fuels the growth of colon tumors in mice and demonstrated a potential strategy to block excess tumor growth
Oncology 2019 - Drake Prostate
  • Launched a phase 1b/2 trial to test whether nivolumab, with or without anti-IL-8 therapy, combined with a short course of ADT, promotes anti-tumor immune responses that prolong time to disease relapse for castration-sensitive prostate cancer
Oncology 2019 - Lower Gastro Tract
  • Developing a vaccine in preclinical studies that could effectively train the immune system to recognize and attack cancer cells with mutations common in Lynch syndrome
  • Demonstrated in a mouse model of lymphoma a novel engineered system to deliver immunotherapy from bacteria, leading not only to complete regression but could also treat distant tumors
Oncology 2019 - Epigenetic Gene Deactivation
  • Developed a powerful set of scientific tools in collaboration with the New York Genome Center to track the molecular evolution of cancer
Oncology 2019 - Dividing Fibros Arcoma Cells
  • Exploring the use of APX005M, an antibody targeting CD40, in combination with standard chemotherapy to stimulate an immune response in sarcoma