Congenital Urologic Disorders

Dedicated Care that Starts Before Birth

It's often possible to see problems in your baby's urinary system on a prenatal ultrasound. The pediatric urology teams at NewYork-Presbyterian work closely with our renowned maternal-fetal medicine divisions (those dedicated to complex problems in pregnancy) to assess abnormal findings on prenatal scans and develop a plan of care for your baby. Our approach includes:

  • The Complete Range of Tests: Our centers offer all of the prenatal tests needed to diagnose urologic disorders, including ultrasound, voiding cystourethrography (a way to assess urine flow), nuclear renal (kidney) scans, and MRI.
  • A Breadth of Experience: Our pediatric urologists have exceptional experience treating the full range of congenital disorders affecting the urinary system.
  • Seamless Care: Our coordination of care ensures a smooth transition from pregnancy to delivery to your newborn baby's care.
  • A Strong Reputation: Our surgeons are well-known across the country and around the world, and attract patients and families who travel thousands of miles to seek their expertise.

It's especially important for a child with a congenital urologic disorder to be delivered and cared for in a medical center like ours, which has all of the pediatric specialties on-site that infants with these conditions may need.

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