Psychotherapy Services: Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Psychotherapy Services:

Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Resiliency Groups for Healthcare Workers

The Creative Arts Therapists at NYP understand the importance of well-being for staff, which can contribute to greater job satisfaction, increased employee engagement, and improved patient healthcare outcomes. Therefore, we have created and established resiliency-building initiatives throughout the hospital that target social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, and occupational facets of wellbeing. These initiatives are tailored to each unit’s culture and their specific needs.

Resiliency Initiatives for Healthcare Workers

We offer the following single sessions or monthly services that are not limited to:

  1. Tapping/Emotional Freedom Technique
  2. Drumming For Wellness and Stress Reduction
  3. Music Assisted Relaxation
  4. Environmental Music Therapy
  5. Music and Art Making to Target Moral Distress, Compassion Fatigue, and Burnout Reduction
  6. Guided Imagery and Art Making
  7. Music and Meditation
  8. Bob Ross’ Painting Groups
  9. Mindful ‘Doodling’ For Increased Focus

If you are an NYP/CUIMC employee and would like to hear more about our resilience-building initiatives, contact:

Susanne M. Bifano: ​[email protected]
Gabriela Asch-Ortiz: ​[email protected]