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Art Therapy & Music Therapy

About Psychotherapy Services: Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy is a profession wherein the psychotherapist works alongside an individual to explore and find the personal meaning of life experiences, using a scope of evidenced-based creative arts therapy and relational culturally-centered approaches. This interpersonal process targets the adverse acute and long-term effects of hospitalization. Our services aim to improve, maintain, or restore a state of well-being by accessing the individuals’ preferences, cultures, and resources of their ecological surroundings to shape the clinical work.

At NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital, our team includes two licensed creative arts therapists specializing in music therapy and art therapy.

Our creative arts therapists strive toward upholding anti-oppressive practice by critically analyzing systemic oppression, individual biases, and their impact on patient care. In this pursuit, we engage in a continual process of self-examination and are committed to promoting restorative health justice.

Creative Arts Therapy Training

Art Therapists and Music Therapists are nationally Board-Certified and Licensed through the New York State Office of the Professions. Training includes clinical psychotherapy practice and the psychological use of creative modalities to evaluate, diagnose and treat mental health disorders.

How to Receive Creative Arts Therapy

Art Therapy and Music Therapy are ordered services by your medical provider. Priority is given to complex cases.

Please speak with your physician to be evaluated for art therapy and music therapy treatment while hospitalized.