Psychotherapy Services: Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Psychotherapy Services:

Art Therapy & Music Therapy

Creative Arts Therapy Research

Innovative Research: Current and Future Research Interests

Creative Art Therapists at NewYork-Presbyterian Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital are committed to ongoing education in the art therapy and music therapy profession. They remain up-to-date with current treatment models and standards of practice. We expect that our studies will lead to further contributions to the fields of clinical art therapy and music therapy practice and research while continuing to distinguish the uniqueness of our profession, particularly within the pediatric medical setting.

Current Creative Arts Therapy Research

An Adolescent Comfort Box: Integrative Therapy Techniques for Sleep, Pain, Distress, Anxiety, and Nausea
Susanne M. Bifano, Melanie Gold, Jenn Lee, Taylor Sewell 

Effectiveness of Art Therapy Interventions for Adolescent Pain Management in the Pediatric Emergency Department
Susanne M. Bifano, Lauren Chernick, and Daniel S. Tsze

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Tapping for Pediatric Emergency Department Staff During the COVID-19 Pandemic: Evaluation of a Pilot Intervention
Jodi Scharf , Susanne Bifano, Cara J. Szeglin , Samantha Garbers, Melanie A. Gold

Latinx Clients’ and Their Therapists’ Perceptions of the Therapeutic Relationship in Music Therapy within Health Care Settings: A Critical Autoethnography
Gabriela Asch-Ortiz, Kenrick Cato

For more information on our research or if you are a clinician/researcher and are interested in collaborating on research, please contact our Creative Arts Therapists at:

Music Therapist - Gabriela Asch-Ortiz: [email protected]
Art Therapist - Susanne Bifano: [email protected]