Military Family Wellness Center

Military Family Wellness Center

Whom We Serve

Serving your country too often means sacrificing yourself and your family. The NewYork-Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center combines evidence-based clinical care with cutting-edge clinical research to develop treatment plans specifically aimed at treating the neurological and psychological impact of combat and other aspects of military service on current and former service members, as well as their families.

We proudly treat service members of any service era and military background, including the National Guard and Reserves, active and reserve personnel and their loved ones. We care for patients regardless of an individual’s service record, Veterans Affairs service connection, or any other consideration. All services are fully confidential and free of charge. We will also see any individual with a close relationship to a service member, whether it is a domestic partner, spouse, child or close friend who may have been affected in some manner by military service.

For Service Members

Combat and the demands of military life can cause severe psychological distress. In recent years, the rate of suicide, substance use, and violence among military service members has risen steeply. With exceedingly long delays to receive care, compounded by an inability to use private health service, many service members are forgoing care — about half of returning service members who need mental health care get help, according to the Department of Health and Human Services.

We know that asking for help can be challenging. More important, we know when you reach out for assistance, you don’t have time to waste. The good news is that our expert teams of clinicians, many who are veterans themselves, have a rich history of working with active-duty service members and veterans and are ready to engage. We have three locations —  one in Washington Heights in Manhattan,  one on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and one in White Plains, New York (Lower Westchester County) providing free, cutting-edge, effective, and compassionate treatment to service members, regardless of service era, duty or discharge status. 

For Family Members

The family and friends of service members are, in many ways, forgotten soldiers. While the service and sacrifices of the service member is a central focus, the family left behind faces different struggles that civilians do not always understand. Whether it is concerns about readjusting when a parent or spouse returns, shifting family dynamics, or worries about you, your service member, or your child’s health, the Military Family Wellness Center is here to help.

Our clinicians are trained to help with the unique mental health issues related to military families. Our staff provides individual and couples counseling, and includes child psychologists who have years of experience working with military children who may have problems with sleeping, stress, anxiety, school performance, increased maladaptive behavior and are more likely to face cruelty.