Military Family Wellness Center

Military Family Wellness Center

About Us

Military service members and their families face unique challenges that can take a toll on the health and well-being of every family member. Comprising experts from NewYork-Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center, and Weill Cornell Medicine, NewYork-Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center combines leading-edge research on resilience in military families and traditional mental health therapies to help veterans, active-duty service members, and their loved ones. The dedicated clinicians and researchers — many who have worked closely with veterans and their families for decades — treat military service members, veterans, and relatives of any era, war, service branch, or discharge status.

Uniquely Experienced Providers

At NewYork-Presbyterian Military Family Wellness Center, our clinicians and researchers have unparalleled experience working with military service members of any duty status and their families and many have been in your shoes. Many of our civilian faculty, clinicians, and staff have decades of experience caring for service members and their families. We have led efforts to create specialized programs for our service members and their families at civilian medical centers. Our staff also includes several veterans who know first hand the psychological impact deployment and military severance may have on members and their families

High-Quality Care for Free

Accessing quality mental health care can be tough and time-consuming, but your wellbeing doesn’t have time to wait on a list for services. Paying out of pocket for mental health care can get very expensive, very quickly. That’s why NewYork-Presbyterian’s Military Family Wellness Center offers mental health services for service-related conditions to eligible individuals at no cost to you. By relieving the burden of worrying about how to pay for the care you and your family need, we can focus on helping you and your family reach your goals.

Confidential and Trustworthy Care

Service members and their families often face many barriers to receiving mental health care, including fear of treatment affecting future military service or stigma related to mental illness. At the Military Family Wellness Center, mental health care is confidential. NewYork-Presbyterian complies with all state and federal regulations regarding patient privacy. We will not share your health information without your expressed permission.